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Life’s Lessons are the Best Teacher

Greetings, Wellness Warriors! How do you think the first man learned to make fire? Trial and error, right? But if he hadn't taught what he learned to his fellow man, we would still be living in the dark ages. Teaching has been around since the beginning of time. Human beings have evolved by sharing what we have discovered and learning from our mistakes. The intricate balance between learning and teaching is where innovative thinking is born.

Today is National Teacher's Day, and I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to take a moment and appreciate the different teachers in our lives.

School Teachers

It takes a particular person to teach for a living. To do their job well, teachers must be smart, resourceful, patient, and compassionate. The pandemic has made the conditions of their job harder than ever. They are juggling teaching remotely and in-person simultaneously while doing their best to keep our kids safe by creating the best learning atmosphere possible. I encourage you to help teachers in your community by donating classroom supplies such as tissues, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, wipes, whiteboard markers, or lined paper. Sending them a care package or gift basket created by your child would be another meaningful way to show appreciation for all they do.


As children, we learn everything from our parents. It is a parent's job to prepare their child for life in the real world. It's the most challenging job I have ever had, but it’s also the most rewarding. You don't realize how hard it is until you become a parent and have to watch your child fall off of their bike and skin their knees, take their first driving test, prepare for college exams, or start the first day at a new job. Teaching our kids how to persevere and successfully navigate complex challenges one of the most valuable lessons you will ever give them. Take this opportunity to thank your parents for everything they did for you growing up. A simple thank you, can mean so much.


Our friends teach us how to find companionship in people outside of our immediate family. I love the saying that goes, "friends are the family you have chosen." Friends teach us what it means to be genuinely accepted for who we are regardless of our flaws. Friends teach us how to forgive when mistakes are made. When we have a close-knit group of friends, we can learn what it means to belong.

Mentors I have had many mentors who taught me priceless lessons on success in life and business. That is why through my foundation, D-One, I've consciously made time to mentor a handful of younger people. I make the time to call or invite them to lunch to provide advice and be a sounding board on topics like business and career decisions, financial planning, networking, new ventures, or a health-related referral. In doing so, my horizons get expanded, and I come away inspired by their ideas and potential. In short, I learn just as much from them as they learn from me.


My kids have re-taught me things that I forgot as an adult—learning to see the world through a child's eyes is a refreshing state of mind. Kids are full of curiosity, passion, and grace. Next time you are with your child, grandchild, your younger siblings, or a friend's child, take the time to observe how they interact with the world around them. Notice their kindness and the ease at which they can make friends. Kids have no judgments or biases toward others; they just see another person they want to include in their game of life. Spouses

Romantic relationships are a constant balance of give and take. Just as we teach our spouses how to love us, we must also be open to learning how to love them better. Communication is a critical factor in a successful relationship and learning how to meet each other's needs. A good marriage goes a long way for longevity and is a powerful antioxidant for your body and emotional well-being. There is a very popular book written by Gary Chapman, called The 5 Love Languages, that helps you learn how to identify your spouse's love language and apply that knowledge to communication and actions in your relationship. Your spouse is constantly teaching you how to interact and communicate with them; pay close attention, and you will see the lessons in front of you.

Life's Disappointments

The greatest teacher of all is life's disappointments. The moments that break our hearts or force us to take a new direction end up being some of the best lessons that could never be taught in a classroom. From trials and obstacles, we grow character, build our grit, determination, and allow us to find our “WHY.” Did you know that your personality and the things that make you who you are, are based solely upon your memories and life experiences? Without memory, we would be walking empty shells. When life tests you, because it's bound to happen, it is your choice to decide what you will do with that experience. Are you going to allow it to leave you bitter, or will you grow through the experience and emerge a stronger, more knowledgeable human being?

As you can see, teachers come in all shapes and sizes. I hope that I have inspired your to be an example and a teacher to others. Figure out what is important to you and find ways to share that with others to encourage them to reach new heights in their lives.

Until next time, Live Well, Live Long!


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