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Culture Curator

Whether it's through writing plays, producing films, giving live presentations and lectures, or collecting art, I am constantly creating and sharing culture with those around me. 

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Wisdom Diaries

My Wisdom Diaries memorialize the stories of extraordinary people and share the lessons they’ve learned. My books, plays, events, and social missions are all examples of my passion for collecting “living artifacts” and I display them proudly to remind us all that life is truly spectacular. Through my assisted living facilities, with their beautiful architecture and innovative services and programming, I exemplify my quest for longevity.

Wisdom Diaries pt 1
Wisdom Diaries
March for Civility Logo
March for Civility

On September 23, 2017, I headed up The March for Civility in Washington D.C. Nearly 100 Áegis Living employees joined 1,000's of others to #MarchforCivility.

The march was a nonpartisan effort to bring people of all backgrounds together in support of love, unity, equality and justice. The Rally included inspiring messages from public figures that are known nationally for their good works and bringing people together. Their message was inclusiveness, acceptance, embrace diversity, end divisiveness and uniting in peace, all traits of the Áegis Living culture. Let’s all join hands and #RestoreCivility.

March For Civility

Create Your Space for Success

As an Industry Disruptor, Dwayne crafted an employee-first culture that is revolutionizing the assisted living community. With a tsunami of Baby Boomers aging into retirement in the next decade, assisted living will be in bigger demand than ever. It’s no longer about helping the sick and elderly live out their final days. Áegis Living focuses on longevity, creativity, and civility as the core focus for better living. It starts with the team: happy employees means happier residents. Dwayne’s unique approach to the assisted living communities is alive in the DNA of Áegis Living headquarters filled with cutting-edge innovations, inspiring workspaces, and curated works of art.

Tiny Check

Winterfest is a program we have developed to offer discounted items, such as; clothing and toys to all Áegis employees during the holidays to help ease the burden on them and their families. Winterfest is now a time-honored tradition....  During Winterfest, our corporate office resembles a department store. Over the course of a day, staff come in and “shop” for items donated and purchased by the company for them. Hundreds of Aegis Living employees are provided with free clothing, toys, and new shoes.