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The Gift of Change This Season

Wellness Warriors, what do you think of when you hear the word change? I am not referring to the coins in the cup holder of your car. I mean change—as in a shift in mood, environment, or circumstances. Change is inevitable in our lives, and most of the time, we actively resist it. Change means having to face the unknown, and many times means stepping outside of our comfort zone.

But there are many times that we welcome change. Babies are born every day to parents who have signed up for their lives to be turned upside down. We rejoice when close friends get married. We celebrate a job promotion. Regardless if the change is welcome or not, change is hard. I have found that the best way to deal with a change is, not only to embrace it, but to actively pursue it.

Change is Essential for Growth

This holiday season is the first of its kind in modern times. We’re not able to enjoy many of the holiday traditions that we have in the past. I believe it’s crucial for us to look at this difficult season as an opportunity to evolve old traditions and create new ones. Some of the most successful companies have survived because they were able to adapt to change and embrace it.

Amazon launched in 1999 as an online bookstore. However, Bezos’s openness to change has allowed Amazon to adapt into an “anything store” that has become one of the world’s most valuable companies. Imagine if Mr. Bezos had been resistant to change when it came to Amazon.

Tiffany’s began as a small stationery and fancy goods store in New York City. Over the years, they evolved into one of the most iconic jewelry brands in the world. Xerox began in 1906 as a manufacturer and distributor of photographic paper. By 1958, the company introduced the 914 xerographic copier and has become the leading name brand in offices all over the world. These companies have in common an openness to transformation and change, which has made them massively successful.

Earlier this year, when news of the virus emerged, the Aegis Living communities immediately implemented the CDC protocols to protect the residents, staff, and extended families. Loneliness became a new threat to our residents, as no visitors were allowed. Adaptation became a necessity for survival more than ever.

With a spirit of innovation, we created outdoor living rooms with 10-foot plexiglass barriers that allowed residents to visit with their families face to face. We reduced the possibility of face-to-face exposure by equipping our residents with the technology to video chat regularly with their families. We helped keep our residents' minds sharp and engaged by filling our hallways with music concerts, entertainment, and events they can enjoy from the safety of their apartments. We embraced the change and made it work for us.

Change Brings New Opportunities

Sometimes, we get so comfortable in our routines and schedules that we become stagnant in our personal growth. Change can be an incredible opportunity to transform certain aspects of our lives, and more importantly, ourselves.

Not being able to be close to loved ones during the holidays is a heart-wrenching thought. I am sure you have heard the saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder."

We should take this opportunity to let our loved ones know how much we appreciate them and tell them how important they are to us.

This gives us an opportunity to find meaningful ways to connect with them this season. A grandparent receiving a handmade Christmas card from their grandchildren is a heartwarming reminder that they are in their thoughts. Cooking a holiday recipe that your mother taught you and teaching it to your kids is a great way to pass along a tradition that they will one day share with their children. Opening gifts together over a video chat, playing holiday trivia games, or watching a movie together can create a new holiday tradition. We must adjust our expectations, learn to be flexible, and change our attitude toward change.

Attitude is Everything

Your attitude is a choice. You can choose to resist and grumble about how you wished things were different, or you can choose to accept that we are in a transition period and find ways to make it work for you. The reality is that this holiday season will be different. You might as well be a driving force and an example to your family members by having a positive attitude and mindset.

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Change is not perfect by any means. There are plenty of times when things do not work out the way we hoped. But there are other times when having a positive mindset around change leads us to innovation, joy, and success.

Instead of fearing change in our lives, let’s learn to welcome them. If we expect change knowing that good can come from it, it is easier to have a positive mental attitude towards it. Life is filled with trials and tribulations that can be hard to accept in the moment, but they often lead to incredible lessons.

We must see change as the beginning of an exciting new chapter and have faith in the adventure to come. What choice will YOU make next time you encounter change?

Enjoy your holidays as T and I will. We are choosing to remain positive while celebrating differently and look forward to all that 2021 brings!

Until 2021, Wellness Warriors, Live Well, Live Long!


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