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Buy in bulk and gift this book to your employees, clients, team members, students, teachers, family, friends, and to anyone that could benefit from these invaluable lessons in longevity.

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30 Summers More

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Forward By Dr. Andrew Ordon

Emmy-nominated co-host of the Emmy award-winning talkshow The Doctors

As I continue my journey in life, I am confident that there is still a lot of life to live. So much left to see and experience! My ability to live longer is greater than I ever imagined possible. I’ve led a fantastic life and plan on doubling down in my next thirty summers on this planet!

What People Are Saying

Senior Man


Cork, Ireland

This book is intelligent, wise and packed to the rafters with practical common-sense advice. It becomes obvious as you read through this page turner that the author is imparting his wisdom and understanding as to what health and happiness really means. It’s an excellent guide for putting things into perspective.

Calm Woman

Donna L. Young

California, USA

What I appreciated most about this book was the author's candor. It was his honesty in sharing his struggles with weight and family issues that motivated me the most to rethink how I want to live the rest of my life. I was also moved in learning that he began the senior care center near to where we currently live. Thank you, Dwayne, for sharing your story and for motivating me to take better care of this corrupted temple that I am requiring God's Spirit to live in. God bless you in the work that you are doing in caring for others.

Happy Man

Antonio Galarza

Yauco, PR

This was my favorite book of the month by far. 30 summers more was impossible to put down. I wish I could read this fast-paced, engaging and beautiful book. Everything about 30 summers more was beautifully complex. 30 summers more kept me spellbound, and I was compelled to keep reading. If you want a new lifestyle and have the healthiest life? I recommend this as a must buy!

About The Book

A Photo of Dwayne Clark

One day when I was taking my usual 20-minute commute to work, I heard four science-based health stories in a row on the radio. One story was about how a group of people with Parkinson’s disease were found to respond favorably to cycling three times a week. Another story was about the reality that many drugs tested on mice don’t work on people. The third story was about the health benefits of marijuana. The final story talked about why lonely people have more severe cold symptoms than others.
Listening to the radio that day I, ironically, realized that I had never consciously applied those lessons to myself. I didn’t think I needed to. As the CEO of Áegis Living, I had held a lifelong obsession with the pursuit of health, both understanding and obtaining it. 


But as I moved into my middle-age years, the psychic impact of my constant awareness of aging and death made me intensely more curious about living a good life, and, even more, living the most magnificent life possible.

30 Summers More contains the “lessons of longevity” that I have amassed from a front-line view as the CEO of Áegis Living, combined with the latest health and wellness research on living well as we age. Also, the book outlines what I call the “micro-habits” necessary for living our best lives as we move into our senior years.

Tiny Check

Book Highlights

  • 36 Micro-Habits that Keep You Healthy

  • 16 Anti-Aging Practices

  • 10 Point Health Assessment

  • Science From World Renowned Experts 

  • Natural Diabetes Solutions

  • Effective Exercise By Decade

  • Breathing and Hydration Practices

  • The Spiritual Connection to Longevity

  • Attaching Purpose to Your Good Health

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