Seattle Seniors Strong is a combined effort by some of Seattle and King County’s most engaged companies. These charities and corporations realize that homebound and homeless seniors are one of the hardest hit groups during the Coronavirus pandemic. All efforts and proceeds go towards supporting the generation that raised us. You can also be a part of this movement, read more here.

We’re excited to unveil a series of innovative company-wide commitments in this short video all aimed at strengthening our resident safety and wellness during this pandemic.

-Dwayne J. Clark

Founder & CEO of Aegis Living

Dwayne J. Clark

At the heart of true leadership is mentoring and giving back.

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Take action now and make longevity a priority!

Corporate Culture

When you walk into an Aegis community, you may not even recognize it for what it is. Like his contemporaries Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, Dwayne rejects the typical ideas of what assisted living should be and instead infuses culture into every aspect of his business, from his employees to his residents.


This annual by-invitation-only 3-day experience brings some of the world’s most incredible speakers to create a transformative event like you’ve never seen before.

Dwayne J. Clark

  • Founder & CEO of Aegis Living
  • Longevity Expert, Author, and Producer
  • Founder of True Productions
  • President of the D1 Foundation
  • Founder of the Potato Soup Foundation
  • Founder of The Queen Bee Café
  • Founder of the Clark Family Foundation

Dwayne J. Clark is the co-founder and CEO of Aegis Living, which has more than 30 senior living facilities in the Western U.S., employs more than 2,500 staff members, and to date has served more than 60,000 residents. Clark and Aegis have been widely recognized for their excellence of care to seniors and employees alike, receiving a wide variety of awards includ­ing The Family Business Growth Award by Seattle Business Magazine, Top 50 Best Places to Work by Glassdoor, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and Lifetime Achieve­ment Award from Senior Services.

Artifact Collector

Dwayne believes that every moment of every day is a chance to create a living artifact that tells the story of our lives in meaningful ways that share wisdom and uplift others. Below you will find some of those stories.

Culture Curator

Whether it’s through writing plays, producing films, giving live presentations and lectures, or collecting art, Dwayne is constantly creating and sharing culture with those around him.

Tree house

Remember when you were young and your imagination went wild with possibility?

For Dwayne, his treehouse was where he could be free to think and say whatever he felt. At his corporate head quarters, Dwayne built a tree house conference room to keep creativity alive in business.