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Dr. James Nestor asks Dwayne,  "Are you breathing properly?" 

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Dwayne J. Clark on The Dr. Oz Show
I'm Passionate About Many Things...

There is one thing that all of my endeavors share in common; it's people. In my career, artistic pursuits, impact projects, and future plans celebrating the stories of others is a core focus. I'm excited for you to explore this website and become part of my global community. 


Áegis Living

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True Productions



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Queen Bee Café

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The Clark Family Foundation




Social Justice

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Wellness Warriors

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The Potato Soup Foundation

Connecting Game-Changing Influencers Helps Me Create More Civility, Humility, & Unity in the World.

All over the world and in every industry imaginable are people committed to doing incredible things for humanity. Being able to connect with these change-makers, understand their points of view, and collaborate with them allows me to bring incredible insight, solutions, and connectivity to everyone in my community.

I Love to Share What I've Learned.

In TV and radio interviews, video segments, books, films, keynotes, blogs, and social media, my goal is to share as much as I can about what I've learned on my personal journey. Leadership and company culture best-in-class-strategies, health and wellness, and social justice are some of my favorite things to talk about.  When I share information with others, I learn so much from their comments. Let's go farther on this journey by creating civil conversations around important topics.

My Personal Health Journey Inspired My Latest Book

Like many of us, prioritizing my health happened after I ended up in a hospital bed hooked up to many machines. Lying in that bed, I realized that I was in the business of keeping others healthy but I wasn't taking care of my own health. Over the next five years, I interviewed doctors from all over the world, alternative health experts, scientists, fitness specialists, and tried all kinds of health regimens. This book is packed with the information I wish I knew before I ended up in the hospital.

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30 Summers MORE


  • Take the 10-Pt Longevity Assessment

  • Master the 36 Micro-Habits that keep you healthy and feeling young

  • Add more time back to your aging clock

Get the Hardcover for only $17.95!

For me, company culture is not a buzzword - it’s what we strive for and deliver at Áegis. I'm proud of the team that holds culture as critical and helps protect it — like the residents we care for. We're committed to our residents, families, and each other, to uphold the values outlined in our SERVICE affirmations.​ We're a family and it's an amazing one. Visit us online and you'll agree, I'm positive.