30 Summers More

The inspiration for 30 Summers More came in part from Dwayne Clark’s oversight of the care for more than 60,000 amazing human beings as CEO Aegis Living. He’s always been a passionate explorer of longevity principles and cultural health practices, having travelled to over 80 countries and interviewing hundreds of people. However, as Clark moved into his middle age, the psychological impact of his constant awareness of aging and death made him intensely more curious about living a good life, and even more, living the greatest life possible.

30 Summers More contains many lessons about longevity that Clark amassed from his front-line view into the lives of residents at Aegis Living communities. The book is full of the latest health and wellness research on living well as we age, and it includes micro-habits, or bite-sized actions, necessary for living our best life as we move into our senior years.

Clark’s hope for readers is that they take many, or a few, of the insights he offers inside these pages to help make their own lives exceptional, no matter their age.

  • Body mind and soul health advice
  • Actual tips and tricks to add time back to your aging clock
  • Heavily researched scientifically-based facts grounded in real life experience and trial and error
  • Healthy habits and techniques for longevity