Our Legacy and Its Impact
Depend on Our Longevity

Take “First 60 Seconds” Water Longevity Challenge

Changing the Face
of Assisted Living

Humanity has survived long enough to invent languages and then go on to design the game-changing breakthrough known as the internet. We’ve survived famines, wars, and gross disasters inflicted upon us by Mother Nature. We’ve harnessed fire, wind, and water. We’ve innovated farming to live with a greater abundance giving way to progressions like the bronze and iron ages and the great industrial age. We owe much to our ancestors for pushing through the struggle, strife, and hardship to get us here today; the dreams realized and shattered from those who came before echo across the millennia. We owe this to them; we owe the creation of indefinite life spans.

Twenty-one years ago, I founded my own elder care company, Aegis Living. In my several decades of proximity to the elderly, I have learned from the wisest and most simple, from the bravest and most adventuresome, from those impaired by hereditary diseases, from brilliant inventors and successful investors, and from the most loving and humble teachers, scholars, and public servants. You may not be able to predict how you die, but you can shape the way you live.

Dwayne J. Clark

Founder & CEO of Aegis Living

Make Every Moment

If you live to be the age of 70, you will have lived for 25,567 days.

This isn’t a big number—especially when you see it being counted backward minute by minute. This clock hangs in the Aegis Corporate Office reminding employees and residents to not waste precious time.

E.P.I.C. Live & Longevity

Educating People and Inspiring Consciousness Longevity is directly related to mental wellness and living a purpose-driven life. E.P.I.C is a 3-day meeting of minds, hearts, and souls. It is a chance

to “hit the pause button of life” and solely focus on your personal goals, learn new ways to approach life, ignite personal growth, urge you to find your purpose and reflect on your wants and needs.

Dwayne’s mission is to make sure every employee of Aegis enjoys longevity which fuels his passion to make the E.P.I.C. Annual Meeting better each year.

It is one more way Dwayne sets new standards for company culture.

Dwayne’s Personal Longevity Practices

Start Your Day Right

Wisdom Diaries

The more we learn about each
other, the wiser we become.

Wisdom Diaries is an original film collection of artistically told short stories about diversity, civility, wisdom, and peace. Dwayne believes diversity is the beautiful part of our one shared human experience and feels strongly that we need to find ways to rediscover each other.

When you know a bit of a person’s story, you open the door to
empathy—which nurtures civility.

Add Back Time to Your Aging Clock!

30 Summers More contains the “lessons of longevity” that Dwayne has amassed from a front-line view as the CEO of Aegis Living, combined with the latest health and wellness research on living well as we age.

  • 36 Micro-Habits
  • 16 Anti-Aging Cures
  • 10 Point Self Assessment for Longevity

Possibly the best self-help health book of 2019!

For Seven Days in a Row Take This
Water Longevity Challenge!

Ready to feel revitalized – like you’ve added back some time to your aging clock? This simple hydration bio-hack works wonders.

Here’s What You Do:

Every morning, BEFORE you get out of bed drink a glass of room temperature water.

Drinking water in this way will help instantly re-hydrate your cells giving your body a jumpstart for the day!

Notice how you feel the night before you start the challenge and then how you fell on the 7th day of the challenge. Please send me your comments on Facebook!

Why it Works:

Water hydration is nutrition. Water influences every process in your body. This macronutrient gets more important with age and becomes noticeable in a big way after 40!

We lose so much water every 24 hours including 6 to 8 ounces during the night. You MUST replace the water you lose when you breathe, perspire, and urinate to maintain your blood pressure, aid your digestion, and regulate your metabolism.

Often we complain of feeling tired and foggy and do not realize that we are just thirsty.