"Creativity is
NOT optional"

"It’s Our Duty to Unleash Our Creativity"

If it feels odd to think of creativity as a ‘duty’ –
good! Infusing creativity into every aspect of our
life not only enriches our experiences but creates
‘living artifacts’ for others to discover and be
inspired by. Our creativity today shapes future
generations. It is our responsibility to pass on our
stories and wisdom to those that come after us. It
makes today more fun, too!

Create Your Space for Success

As an Industry Disruptor, Dwayne crafted an employee-first culture that is revolutionizing the assisted living community. With a tsunami of Baby Boomers aging into retirement in the next decade, assisted living will be in bigger demand than ever. It’s no longer about helping the sick and elderly live out their final days. Aegis Living focuses on longevity, creativity, and civility as the core focus for better living. It starts with the team: happy employees means happier residents. Dwayne’s unique approach to the assisted living communities is alive in the DNA of Aegis Living headquartersfilled with cutting-edge innovations, inspiring workspaces, and curated works of art.

Other Aegis Living™ Innovations:

  • Well-appointed apartments
  • A social dining room
  • Beautiful courtyard with walking paths
  • Comfortable common areas
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry service
  • Transportation
  • Superb dining

Using Art as Corporate DNA!

Cutting-edge innovations, inspiring workspaces and curated works of art collected by Dwayne for the Aegis Living Headquarters!

Ageless Beauty

Red Rope Mala

Catherine Eaton Skinner

Metropoli and Umbrello

Antonio Tamburro

Treehouse Conference Room

Biophilic Walls

The Purpose Wall - EPIC Group Projects

Rita McCollum

Moss Girls

Kim Simonsson

1923 Ford Model T



Ageless Beauty


John F. Kennedy Display

Diversity: E.P.I.C. Speakers Wall

The Disruption Gang

Rita McCollum

Wheat Field No. 1 and No. 2

JP Canlis

Portrait of a Young Woman #17

Gugger Petter

Conference Table


Erin Reilly

HUMOR: Robin Williams

Rita McCollum

Immersion Series #1

Kathy Venter

Aging: Make Today Count

Empowering People Through Creativity

In the midst of planning a 2006 annual meeting with my team, I decided to throw out all the rules and created a “business meeting” where no business was to be discussed. No pie charts, no sales goals, no marketing plans or business projections. And in their place: discussions of self-awareness, urges to follow your dreams, and lessons about life.

In an industry that requires our staff to be patient, empathetic and mindful everyday, we want to invest in creative and meaningful ways to energize and enrich the lives of our employees and leadership.

-Dwayne J. Clark 
Founder & CEO, Aegis Living

Sharing Stories
Connects Humanity

True Productions

True Productions is another outlet for creativity that ties to company culture and values as well as creating 'living artifacts.'

Dwayne’s production company focuses on sharing real-life stories through collaboration with writers, filmmakers and playwrights. He champions the art of true storytelling by partnering with the Seattle International Film Festival to provide an annual $50,000 grant in support of Seattle documentary filmmakers.

Big Sonia

Standing at a not-so-big 4’8”, Sonia is a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor struggling with retirement and imparting life lessons after she is served an eviction notice.

A poignant story of generational trauma and healing, BIG SONIA also offers a laugh-out-loud-funny portrait of the power of love to triumph over bigotry, and the power of truth-telling to heal us all.

Gold Balls

This is the world of Ultra Senior tennis where octogenarian contenders train like the young pros.

This documentary explores what it means to become a champion and the unexpected power of setting a goal, no matter what your age.

Full Court

This compelling documentary seamlessly parallels Haywood’s personal and professional struggles with the civil-rights struggles of the time.

Featuring celebrity interviews with notable sports figures such as; Lenny Wilkens, Charles Barkley, Bill Bradley, Pat Riley, President of The Golden State Warriors Rick Welts, Dr. Harry Edwards and Michel Roberts. The story culminates with Haywood’s long overdue enshrinement into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

“All the world’s a stage...”

Dwayne is an accomplished playwright and producer with a passion
for telling stories that inspire and uplift audiences. His first play,
“Seven Ways to Get There,” is a true telling of his experience in a
men’s therapy group. The well-reviewed production first premiered
in early 2015 at Seattle’s ACT Theatre.

Use Stories to Pass on Wisdom

The Art of Self-Expression

My mom always used to say, “If you look good, you will feel good.” She would encourage me to get up, take a shower, comb my hair, shave and put on pressed clothing when I was sick. Mom was a stickler for fashion, but her premise was sound. At our Aegis Living communities, we’ve discovered that people who live longer—and happier—lives seem to have some kind of totem that connects them to their younger self.

People who think they are “too old” for certain activities they would enjoy and need to “look and act their age,” seem to age prematurely.

Stay young – be yourself.

-Dwayne J. Clark 
Founder & CEO, Aegis Living