30 Summers More

One day when Dwayne J. Clark was taking his usual 20-minute commute to work, he heard four science-based health stories in a row on the radio. One story was about how a group of people with Parkinson’s disease were found to respond favorably to cycling three times a week. Another story was about the reality that many drugs tested on mice don’t work on people. The third story was about the health benefits of marijuana. The final story talked about why lonely people have more severe cold symptoms than others.

Listening to the radio that day, Dwayne, ironically realized that he had never consciously applied those lessons to himself. He didn’t think he needed to. As the CEO of Aegis Living, Dwayne had held a lifelong obsession with the pursuit of health — both understanding and obtaining it.

My back-of-the-napkin estimate is that I’ve overseen the care of more than 60,000 amazing human beings and cared for their health.

Dwayne J. Clark

But as Dwayne moved into his middle-age years, the psychic impact of his constant awareness of aging and death made him intensely more curious about living a good life, and, even more, living the most magnificent life possible.

30 Summers More contains the “lessons of longevity” that Dwayne has amassed from a front-line view as the CEO of Aegis Living, combined with the latest health and wellness research on living well as we age. Also, the book outlines what Dwayne calls the “micro-habits” necessary for living our best lives as we move into our senior years.

As I continue my journey in life, I am confident that there is still a lot of life to live. So much left to see and experience! My ability to live longer is greater than I ever imagined possible. I’ve led a fantastic life and plan on doubling down in my next thirty summers on this planet!

Dr. Andrew P. Ordon

Emmy-nominated co-host of the Emmy award-winning talkshow The Doctors

My Mother, My Son

Soon to be a Motion Picture

The unwavering commitment of a mother to her son and a son to his mother at the heart of this book lifted me up.

Bob Leroy

CEO Alzheimer’s Association
Washington State Chapter

A moving story of growing up in a loving but struggling family with a single mother whose life lessons left a lasting impression. Soon to be a major motion picture.

A Big Life

I care deeply about restoring civility, sparking creativity and encouraging curiosity. Teaching our children this means putting down the phone and having meaningful conversations — face to face and heart to heart. I believe that if we all do this, we will be better for generations to come.

Dwayne J. Clark

A Tool To Bring Back the Family Discussion

We live in a society where parents bring their iPad to a restaurant so their kids can watch a movie, coworkers text from ten feet away, and many grandparents see their grandchildren more on Facebook than face-to-face.

Meaningful Conversations

A Big Life is a tool to help you bring the family discussion back to the dinner table and use it to:

  • Answer your family’s questions and get to the 'why'.
  • Define the vital pieces of advice that you wish to share with your children.
  • Honor the memories of those in your family who are gone and discuss their values.
  • Bring the richness and character of your family alive through important conversations.
  • Bring your family closer.
  • Take the time to really listen to one another.

Saturdays with GG

My daughter loved the pictures and thought the story was cool…

Jennifer Winters

Mother and Amazon Book Reviewer

Memory loss is often too difficult even for adults to comprehend. Saturdays with GG is a storybook for small children to help them understand the changes that are happening to the beloved elderly character, GG. Through illustrations and storytelling, this book is an educational tool to assist parents with a difficult discussion with their little ones.

Dwayne’s Upcoming Book

Competing for Culture

The business book that redefines the currency of performance, competitiveness,
and loyalty in the new business world.

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